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Find Us in the Wairau Valley on the North Shore.

You will find us

 in  67/Unit9/Room 5, View Road, on the North Shore, across the road from Wairau Junction (Valentines) car park. There is always plenty of parking. The building has a large Blue sign "MONOGRAPHICS" on it.

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Street view

 of the "MONGRAPHICS" building , with the "PURE BODY HEALTH" sign on the left, at 67/Unit9 View Rd, opposite Wairau  Junction (Valentines) car park. Go up the steps, through the doors, you will notice a panel of small signs on your left, you will note that "PURE BODY HEALTH" is Room 5. Proceed straight ahead then left down the corridor to Room 5, opposite the lunch.room.

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The signs on the left of the building where the massage room is. Room 5, left down the corridor.
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Satelite view. You can see that we are directly across View Rd from Wairau Junction (Valentines) car park.
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